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75. The Can Opener
gs: Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

The whole family chooses sides when Ray and Debra fight over a newly acquired can opener.

b: 27-Sep-1999 pc: 9903 w: Aaron Shure & Susan Van Allen d: Will Mackenzie

The Can Opener

81. Debra's Workout
gs: Mark Dobies (Nick) Susan Varon (Suzy) Kimberly James (Monique) Andy Kindler (Andy) Joseph V. Perry (Nemo) Jon Manfrellotti (Gianni)

Ray is bewildered, but not altogether displeased when Debra starts initiating sex on a more than regular basis. He can't believe his luck - and good fortune when as a result of Debra's new behavior it's as if he and she were newlyweds again. Ray is even willing to give up his golf game to satiate Debra's desires. But, never able to leave well enough alone, Ray looks for a reason behind her sudden burst of energy and gets a crushing blow to his ego.

b: 15-Nov-1999 pc: 9908 w: Tom Caltabiano , Ray Romano and Mike Royce d: Will Mackenzie

86. Bully on the Bus
gs: Ja'net DuBois (Dottie) Cody Morgan (Todd Feeney) Andre Jamal Kinney (Kid #1) Tommy Aquino (Kid #2) Steffani Brass (Girl at Bus Stop)

Ray and Debra have differing points of view on how best to handle the situation when they learn that Ally has been bullying another child on the school bus. Ray thinks Ally's pushiness and "don't take any crap from anyone" attitude comes from Debra. Meanwhile, Debra thinks if she doesn't instill that independence in Ally, she'll end up being a wuss - just like her dad. But, when push comes to shove and they confront Ally about how to better her behavior, they find themselves questioning their own parenting abilities.

b: 17-Jan-2000 pc: 9913 w: Tucker Cawley d: Will Mackenzie

Bully on the Bus


87. Prodigal Son
gs: Charles Durning (Father Hubley) Len Lesser (Garvin) Victor Raider-Wexler (Stan) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone)

Everyone gets on Ray's case because he's doesn't go to Sunday Mass. When Ray starts feeling guilty about the good example Frank is setting by attending church, he commits to becoming a regular parishioner. After all, if Frank can do it, so can he. But, when Ray shows up at the church, he quickly realizes what it is that draws Frank to this house of worship week after week – and it isn't the sermon.

b: 31-Jan-2000 pc: 9914 w: Steve Skrovan d: Will Mackenzie

Prodigal Son

90. Hackidu
gs: Paul Reubens (Russell) David Hunt (Bill Parker) Scotty Leavenworth (Tyler Parker) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone)

Ray screws up a "Hackidu" trade for his daughter, Ally, by giving away a "Scramisaur" card that ends up being worth a lot of money. Ray thinks he's being the perfect father by taking an interest in Ally's "Hackidu" hobby and advising her on a card swap. But when he inadvertently gives away her favorite card, he has to pay for his mistake – he just didn't realize how much.

b: 21-Feb-2000 pc: 9917 w: Lew Schneider , Steve Skrovan d: Will Mackenzie


92. Marie and Frank's New Friends
gs: David Byrd (Harry Stipe) Anna Berger (Rita Stipe) Dom Irrera (Seth Stipe) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone)

Ray and Debra's plan of getting Frank and Marie their own friends backfires when instead of going to their house they bring their friends to Ray and Debra's.

b: 20-Mar-2000 pc: 9919 w: Mike Royce d: Steve Zuckerman

Marie and Frank's New Friends

95. Bad Moon Rising
gs: Andy Kindler (Andy) Jon Manfrellotti (Gianni)

Ray's attempts to alleviate Debra's PMS moodiness only make her more irritable. When Ray witnesses Debra's hypersensitive mood and generally annoyed reaction to everything he says and does, he checks the calendar and realizes it's going to be a long couple of days ahead. In his desire to get a "quick fix" for Debra's womanly problems – thus making his life a heck of a lot easier – he turns a bad situation worse by suggesting that a simple pill will help with his wife's insufferable mood swings.

b: 08-May-2000 pc: 9922 w: Ray Romano , Philip Rosenthal d: David Lee


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