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123. The Angry Family
gs: Charles Durning (Father Hubley) Elizabeth Anne Smith (Eileen) Richard Israel (Adam) Rhyon Nicole Brown (Grace) Mitch Holleman (Ian) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

The Barones clash even more than usual in the sixth-season opener when they get a child's-eye view of all the bickering that goes on in the family. The fireworks begin when the whole gang attends an open house at first-grader Michael's school, during which the kids all read stories that they've written themselves. Most of the students tell tall tales that are obviously fictional. But then Michael gets up and reads the title to his story, "The Angry Family." The shocked Barones fear the worst---and for good reason---as Michael begins the saga of a clan that is constantly arguing. In an effort to make things better, the entire family meets with the school's counselor and a local clergyman to uncover what -- or who -- is to blame.

b: 24-Sep-2001 pc: 0101 w: Philip Rosenthal d: Gary Halvorson

The Angry Family

124. No Roll!

When Debra tells Ray that he's too selfish in bed and that she wants a little variety he goes out and buys an adults only board game to spice things up.

b: 01-Oct-2001 pc: 0102 w: Aaron Shure d: Jerry Zaks

128. Frank Goes Downstairs
gs: Jon Manfrellotti (Gianni) Tom McGowan (Bernie) Richard Penn (Doctor) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

Ray tells Frank that he and Debra fell down the stairs so Frank tries fixing the stairs but ends up in the hospital. Ray feels so guilty that he tells Frank the truth, that he and Debra fell out of bed while having sex.

b: 29-Oct-2001 pc: 0107 w: Jennifer Crittenden d: Gary Halvorson

Frank Goes Downstairs

137. Cookies
gs: Amy Aquino (Peggy) Arnetia Walker (Friendly Mom) Stephanie Courtney (Woman) Timmy Deters (Child) Hunter Grey (Frontier Girl) Nicholas Donardo (Young Mook) Alexandra Romano (Molly)

When Ray learns that Troup Leader Peggy and her daughter have targeted his parents house as a spot to make a big sale for themselves during the Frontier Girls' selling competition, it's war. Ray vows to get even with this woman no matter what and to take home the grand prize in the cookie drive.

b: 28-Jan-2002 pc: 0115 w: Steve Skrovan d: Gary Halvorson


140. The Breakup Tape

When Debra stumbles across a cassette tape that contains a message from Ray's college girlfriend, she wants to know why he has saved it all of these years. So Ray retaliates by asking Debra to divulge any gifts that she's kept from her former boyfriends – but he's in for quite a shock when he sees the quantity of gifts still in her possession.

b: 04-Mar-2002 pc: 0118 w: Tom Caltabiano & Aaron Shure d: Jerry Zaks

The Breakup Tape

141. Talk to Your Daughter
gs: Jon Manfrellotti (Gianni) Tom McGowan (Bernie) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

Armed with research and much preparation, Ray is ready to speak with Ally about the facts of life only to find that Ally's interest has changed from where babies come from to the meaning of life. Totally unprepared for this line of questioning, a baffled Ray gets unsolicited advice from his family on how to answer.

b: 18-Mar-2002 pc: 0119 w: Tucker Cawley & Ray Romano d: Jerry Zaks

Talk to Your Daughter

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