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158. Grandpa Steals
gs: Jeff Garlin (Jimmy (Produce Manager)) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

Boisterous Frank learns a difficult lesson in humility from his granddaughter, Ally. During a trip to the supermarket with Ray and Ally, Frank starts nibbling on some trail mix, completely ignoring the nearby "no sampling" sign. He's soon confronted by a testy manager, and a heated argument ensues. Watching it all unfold is Ally, who becomes frightened by Frank's ranting. When the trio returns home, Ray speaks to his father about his behavior. While Ray's comments initially fall on deaf ears, Frank later realizes he needs to talk to Ally... but now he's scared because he's never had a real conversation with her.

b: 06-Jan-2003 pc: 0212 w: Lew Schneider d: Jerry Zaks

Grandpa Steals

168. Baggage
gs: Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

Ray and Debra wind up in a two-week standoff over a suitcase. When Robert asks Ray if he can borrow a suitcase sitting on the stairway landing for his honeymoon, Ray explains he and Debra have been locked in an "unspoken" battle of wills since a weekend trip over who is responsible for putting the suitcase away. Although Robert thinks Ray and Debra are insane, Frank and Marie can easily relate and offer their own words of wisdom – with Frank counseling Ray and Marie advising Debra on how to resolve their marital differences.

b: 05-May-2003 pc: 0222 w: Tucker Cawley d: Gary Halvorson


170. Robert's Wedding
gs: Georgia Engel (Pat McDougal) Monica Horan (Amy McDougal) Fred Willard (Hank McDougal) John C. McDonnell (DJ) Chris Elliott (Peter McDougal) Jon Manfrellotti (Gianni) Tom McGowan (Bernie) Maggie Wheeler (Linda) Fred Stoller (Gerard) Sherri Shepherd (Judy) Chelcie Ross (Reverend Stevens) Dan Kinsella (Bartender)

Robert and Amy exchange vows in a classic Barone family wedding ceremony.

b: 19-May-2003 pc: 0224/0225 w: Philip Rosenthal d: Jerry Zaks

Robert's Wedding


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