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24. Father Knows Least
gs: Linda Kash (Celia) Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

Ray gets to use the "active technique" he and Debra learned in parenting class on his parents when their stubbornness goes too far. Ray doesn't realize how much he's mastered the technique learned in class until he uses his skills first on his parents and then on Ally, both with surprising results.

b: 29-Sep-1997 pc: 9702 w: Lew Schneider d: Michael Lessac

Father Knows Least

26. Mozart
gs: Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

Ray resumes his interest in the piano to teach Ally a lesson about quitting when she refuses to continue with her lessons. But it's his mother who orchestrates an even more valuable lesson when she strikes a sentimental chord from Ray's past.

b: 13-Oct-1997 pc: 9705 w: Philip Rosenthal d: Ellen Gittelsohn

Music: "(Theme from) Love Story" by Andy Williams


34. All I Want for Christmas
gs: Christine Cavanaugh (Erin) Andy Kindler (Andy) Sawyer Sweeten (Matthew) Sullivan Sweeten (Gregory)

All Ray wants for Christmas is a little loving from his wife and he's willing to try anything and everything to have his holiday wish come true. Ray has tried just about everything to get Debra "in the mood" and his dream comes true when she finally falls victim to his boyish charm on Christmas morning. The problem? At the very moment that he gives her the shivers, his entire family is working their way into the house for Eggs Florentine and gift unwrapping. But where there's a will, there's a way -- and Raymond is determined to get what he wants from Santa this year.

b: 15-Dec-1997 pc: 9713 w: Steve Skrovan d: Jeff Meyer

All I Want for Christmas


43. Traffic School

Robert proves to be a crashing bore when it comes to teaching traffic school, so he decides to practice his presentation on the family-which drives them crazy. In an attempt to lighten things up, he puts in an assist-officer call to "Traffic Cop Timmy," a puppet dressed as a policeman.

b: 20-Apr-1998 pc: 9721 w: Kathy Ann Stumpe d: John Fortenberry

47. The Wedding (2)
gs: Robert Culp (Warren) Charles Durning (Father Hubley) Katherine Helmond (Lois) Fred Stoller (Gerard) Phil Leeds (Uncle Mel) Tom McGowan (Bernie) Al Romano (Lewis) Michael Duddie (Duddie) Kevin James (Kevin) Andy Kindler (Andy) Sawyer Sweeten (Matthew) Sullivan Sweeten (Gregory)

While the Barones prepare for a friend's wedding, Ray kiddingly asks Debra, "Why did you marry me?" When she hesitates, he flashes back to the not-so-magical night 10 years before when he popped the big question. Ray gets unexpected, unsolicited and unwelcome help with from his parents, but Debra says yes anyway. That leaves the gloomy groom wondering if she did so because she loves him or because she felt pressured. So Ray decides he's "gotta give her another chance to say no."

b: 18-May-1998 pc: 9725 w: Ray Romano & Philip Rosenthal d: Jeff Melman

The Wedding

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