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173. Home From School

When Michael stays home from school for two days in a row, Ray suspects he simply has homework he hasn't finished. While everyone in the family has an explanation for Michael's sudden aversion to school, Ray decides the tough love approach is the way to go – making Michael spend the day without television, games or comics. When Michael is forced to watch Ray work in his downstairs office, the sheer boredom leads him to finally confide why he doesn't want to return to class.

b: 06-Oct-2003 pc: 0303 w: Steve Skrovan d: Kenneth Shapiro

Home From School

179. The Bird
gs: Chris Elliott (Peter McDougal) Fred Willard (Hank McDougal) Georgia Engel (Pat McDougal)

Robert and Amy convince their families to spend Thanksgiving together. When the Barones arrive at the Pennsylvania home of Amy's parents, they find that their differing family traditions encourage lots of lively conversation. If only the MacDougals owned a television set! Things start to come together when the families separate into Pilgrims and Indians for the annual MacDougal Thanksgiving Family Pageant. All is well until a bird flies into the house and Pat McDougal decides to "put it out of it's misery."

b: 24-Nov-2003 pc: 0309 w: Tucker Cawley & Mike Royce & Jeremy Stevens d: Kenneth Shapiro

The Bird

183. Whose Side Are You On?
gs: Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffery Barone) Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

After realizing that Debra places bets with the kids on his questionable behavior traits, Ray is disgusted that his own children now think he's a "doof." When reflecting upon his own childhood, Ray remembers that Marie used to complain about Frank in front of him all the time – making him think his dad was a loser. Concerned that his own kids will think of him the same way as Frank, Ray contemplates how to get the kids back on his side.

b: 02-Feb-2004 pc: 0313 w: Mike Royce d: Kenneth Shapiro

Whose Side Are You On?

185. Party Dress
gs: Amy Aquino (Peggy Ardolino) Jerry Lambert (Jerry) Luck Hari (Clerk) Alexandra Romano (Molly) Destiny Edmond (Snotty Girl) Shailene Woodley (Snotty Girl #2)

Ray and Debra disagree over whether they should purchase an expensive dress for Ally to wear to a friend's formal 13th birthday party. Debra thinks they should, but Ray can't see spending $250 for a dress that will be worn only once. The price tag has Ray seething, especially since the mom he loves to hate, Peggy, is hosting the soiree. Naturally, Marie takes her son's side.

b: 16-Feb-2004 pc: 0315 w: Mike Scully d: Kenneth Shapiro

Party Dress


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