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Hi Madilyn! :D I'm 19 and I'm from Liverpool, England. I have been a HUGE fan of Everybody Loves Raymond since I can remember it being aired in the UK, I knew that we were about the same age and found out that you're about 2 months older than me, which was a weird thing to comprehend as I always thought of you as that sweet little girl you were in "ELR" lol.. I knew that you would turn out to be a beautiful girl which you have, I'm just writing to basically say thank you for making me smile almost everyday when I'm watching T.V. you've been a pleasure to watch and good luck with the future, thanks once again, from a life long fan, Jordan Massey xxx

November 13, 2010



Would like to post a MSG ; I really enjoy watching you, everybody loes  Raymond .today showed when you were a out 5. I always like to see the  transition , from young to present. Keep up the good work. Hope you continue with your acting.

Alley ()
April 21, 2010


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