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Due to major spamming of this message board the only way to get your message posted is to include the name "Madylin" in your post. Messages will now be appearing. Apologies to those of you who posted and never saw your message.


Please follow these guidelines or your message may not appear on the Web Site.
Only selected messages will be published.

  • If you have a question, please search the Site first before asking it here.
  • Please do not ask for autographs, photographs, emails, or free things. If you ask for anything, that part of your message will be left out.
  • This is not a private e-mail and is meant to be shared with other fans.
    • Do not include information you would not want published as a message.
    • Do not include information such as your home address or phone number.
    • Do not include your e-mail address if you don't want it published.
    • Parents please supervise your children to make sure they do not include personal information in their messages.
  • No promotions will be accepted for publication.

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