September 20, 2000

Madylin Sweeten Chat

MODERATOR: Madylin, welcome and say hello to our guests here in's Blab-a-torium!!

Madylin_Sweeten: Hi!

MODERATOR: Wow Madylin! You look like a teenager! Our first question of the night comes from fun chick :)

MODMSG fun chick: How old are you, Madylin, and what's your favorite music group?

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm 9 years old and I like Britney Spears because she's so cool and she has really cool songs, funchick.

MODERATOR: eri92 kept us all giggling while we waited for you :)

MODMSG eri92: Your show is the funniest! What's it like being a young star? And are you going to be on the special show when Ray goes to Rome?

Madylin_Sweeten: It's really fun because you get to act and at the same time you don't have to do so much acting...and you can only work a certain number of hours.

Madylin_Sweeten: Yes, actually I'm in a few scenes.

Madylin_Sweeten: Yes, we got to go to Rome and it was really fun.

MODERATOR: Madylin, one of the traditions in the Blab is to always ask about FOOD! Yummm!! our food question tonight comes from loveattck...

MODMSG loveattck: Do you like pizza?

Madylin_Sweeten: I LOVE pizza! I just ordered some and it's downstairs.

nickyapper: I LOVE pizza too!

MODERATOR: gurly2500 is so happy you're safe and that you made it here :)

MODMSG gurly2500: When did you start acting and do you ever get shy when you're in front of the camera?

Madylin_Sweeten: I started acting when I was 4...I started inTexas, in a movie called "A Promise to Caroline"—it's airing on HBO right now.

Madylin_Sweeten: It's actually really fun because you just feel like it's your normal life.

MODERATOR: froggy0005 is ribbiting this question to ya!

MODMSG froggy0005: What's it like to act with your little brothers?

Madylin_Sweeten: It's really fun to have my brothers on the show with me...

Madylin_Sweeten: because it makes me feel like we are a really big family.

MODERATOR: blabathong is blabbing at ya :)

MODMSG blabathonq: Do you think Nick is cool?

Madylin_Sweeten: Yeah, it's really cool! It's nice because usually there's not too many kids' networks.

nickyapper: I think Nick is sooooooo cool, too! I'm glad Madylin does too.

Madylin_Sweeten: I think it's one of the top 10.

MODERATOR: We got a lot of mail at for you when they found out you were going to be here!

MODMSG nickza: Is your real family anything like your TV family?

Madylin_Sweeten: A lot like the family on TV...

Madylin_Sweeten: my brothers scream and yell and all kinds of stuff. My dad is pretty much a goofball like the dad on the show.

Madylin_Sweeten: Yeah, so my family is pretty much like them.

MODERATOR: bonjovi182 loves sports and wants to know...

MODMSG bonjovi182: What is your favorite sport to play?

Madylin_Sweeten: I'd say soccer...I used to play soccer when I was a little girl.

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm not very good at it now, but I still like it.

MODERATOR: madylinrox has a great screenname!

MODMSG madylinrox: I went to an acting audition and forgot my name, has that happened to you?

Madylin_Sweeten: No, actually, I haven't forgotten my name, rox...sometimes I do get kinda nervous.

MODERATOR: coyotebabe watches all the episodes and is wondering...

MODMSG coyotebabe: What is your favorite episode?

Madylin_Sweeten: We just shot an episode called "Pet Cemetery". I got to be in it a lot.

Madylin_Sweeten: My hamster died in the show. He got put in the freezer and froze!

nickyapper: If you're joining us late, welcome to the Blab-a-torium! Madylin Sweeten, also known as Ally from "Everybody Loves Raymond," is here chatting LIVE! Send us your questions!

MODERATOR: surfgal has a question about "A Promise to Caroline"...

MODMSG surfgal: When you played on "A Promise to Caroline," did they use a stunt double when you were thrown down or did they use a dummy??

Madylin_Sweeten: I was not the little girl who was thrown...but they did use a doll for that little girl.

Madylin_Sweeten: Also, they used a set of triplets...but also a doll.

Madylin_Sweeten: I played the middle child with black hair (the young Delta Burke). They had to dye my hair.

MODERATOR: dazzle5 is our animal lover :)

MODMSG dazzle5: I have a question: Do you have any pets?

Madylin_Sweeten: I have 3 hamsters that we just got from the show we just shot. And I have two cats and a dog.

Madylin_Sweeten: I got the dog from a movie I did in Belgium.

nickyapper: Wow! That's a small animal farm!

Madylin_Sweeten: Oh, and one of the cats came from Donny and Marie.

MODERATOR: hardcandy was embarrassed to ask this one...

MODMSG hardcandy: What was your most embarrassing moment?

Madylin_Sweeten: When I slipped down the stairs when we were shooting.

Madylin_Sweeten: Or it could have been the time I tripped and hit my head on the edge of the coffee table.

MODERATOR: marble54 is our reader!

MODMSG marble54: Have you ever read the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, and if you did how many did you read?

Madylin_Sweeten: Yeah, I'm starting on the second one, marble.

Madylin_Sweeten: I just finished The Sorcerer's Stone.

MODERATOR: newrad1490 is wondering since you love Nick shows...

MODMSG newrad1490: Do you like "Rugrats"?

Madylin_Sweeten: Yeah, I love "Rugrats." They are so cool, so funny, and they are always getting into some kind of adventure!

nickyapper :If you're joining us late, welcome to the Blab-a-torium! Madylin Sweeten, also known as Ally from "Everybody Loves Raymond," is here chatting LIVE! Send us your questions!

MODERATOR: madylinrox must really be a fan!!

MODMSG madylinrox: My favorite episode is the one where you play a bully. Was that a fun one to shoot?

Madylin_Sweeten: Actually, I didn't get to do a scene where I actually was a bully but I was in a big part of that and it was fun.

Madylin_Sweeten: It would have been more fun if I could have really bullied someone around on the show...

Madylin_Sweeten: like my Dad!

MODERATOR: jonnyt and everyone else also are amazed at your ability to act and get an education!

MODMSG jonnyt: How do you get by with school? Do you have a tutor?

Madylin_Sweeten: I get tutored on the set and I go to regular school.

Madylin_Sweeten: Whenever I'm not on the show they will let me go to regular school instead of being tutored.

MODERATOR: cje315 is wondering...

MODMSG cje315: What is Raymond like?

Madylin_Sweeten: Mr. Ray is very, very funny...he's always kidding around.

Madylin_Sweeten: Whenever someone makes a mistake, he has a joke...makes fun of them for doing it.

MODERATOR: hockypuck8 is our movie-goer!

MODMSG hockypuck8: What's your favorite movie?

Madylin_Sweeten: I watched "The Goonies" the other night. That was so cool. Probably that would be my favorite choice right now.

MODERATOR: Another one from the mailbag this week was...

MODMSG nickza: Do you play an instrument?

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm starting to learn guitar...

Madylin_Sweeten: but I've only taken one lesson. I'm only learning the basics right now.

Madylin_Sweeten: You know, how to move my fingers around.

nickyapper: Wow, maybe you'll be in a band one day.

Madylin_Sweeten: Your fingers kinda of get a little stiff afterwards.

MODERATOR: surfgal is cracking up laughing with this question! :)

MODMSG surfgal: Do you ever want to laugh out loud while you're shooting "Everybody Loves Raymond" becuase it's so funny?

Madylin_Sweeten: Yes, surfgal, a lot of times...

Madylin_Sweeten: It's so hard, you just try to keep a straight face.

Madylin_Sweeten: But it's hard, because the show is so funny!!

MODERATOR: acangel knows you like Britney Spears but is wondering...

MODMSG acangel8: Do you like any boy bands?

Madylin_Sweeten: Yes, I like Backstreet Boys...

Madylin_Sweeten: and *NSYNC. I like the way they sing and how they made their songs.

MODERATOR: hardcandy wants some behind the scenes scoop on Ray!

MODMSG hardcandy: Madylin—What was the craziest thing Ray ever did?

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm kinda stuck on that one!

Madylin_Sweeten: Oh, somebody threw ice cream on him once!

MODERATOR: surfdude24 has a bucket ready for this question!

MODMSG surfdude24: I was wondering if you watched or liked Slimetime Live.

Madylin_Sweeten: No, actually I haven't watched it, surfdude.

MODERATOR: slugbug200 has a question I have never seen before! And it's just for you!

MODMSG slugbug200: What kind of car do you want when you grow up???????

Madylin_Sweeten: I want a limo...

Madylin_Sweeten: and I also want an electric car because I don't want the air to be polluted.

MODERATOR: cows09 was mooing so loud we had to ask this one!

MODMSG cows09: What do you enjoy doing when you're not working on the show?

Madylin_Sweeten: I like to do projects...

Madylin_Sweeten: and I usually like to hang out and watch TV. I make art. And I hang out with my friends, Ashley and Stephanie.

Madylin_Sweeten: Sometimes I go to my friend Amy's house, and sometimes I just hang out and watch TV.

nickyapper: Madylin Sweeten, also known as Ally from "Everybody Loves Raymond," is here chatting LIVE! Send us your questions!

MODERATOR: luv2run must love horses :)

MODMSG luv2run: Have you ever ridden a horse?

Madylin_Sweeten: I've ridden a horse actually a few times.

Madylin_Sweeten: And it was very fun. I started trotting without my hands.

nickyapper: That's hard!

MODERATOR: Another one from the mailbag is a great question also!

MODMSG nickza: Is it hard to memorize your lines? How long does it take? Do you have a trick to help you?

Madylin_Sweeten: It doesn't take too long because I usually don't have that much.

Madylin_Sweeten: I just read them, circle them, and I remember them. And we have 3 days to practice.

MODERATOR: schnoonoo is asking something that I was wondering too! I don't even like to watch myself on the computer screen! lol

MODMSG shnoonoo: Do you ever watch yourself on TV?

Madylin_Sweeten: No, because it comes on at 9, and I have to go to bed at 8.

nickyapper: It's past your bedtime!

nickyapper: Mine too, actually.

Madylin_Sweeten: I get up early, about 7, but other times I can sleep in. If I have a call-time at 11, I get up at 10, because I can sleep in.

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm on the West Coast, nickyapper, so it's not past my bedtime yet!!

MODERATOR: superman49 is wearing a costume and is asking...

MODMSG superman49: When do you shoot the shows?

Madylin_Sweeten: We shoot every Tuesday and before that we have our practices and our run-throughs.

MODERATOR: artist4015 thinks you ROCK!

MODMSG artist4015: Do your friends treat you as if you were not famous???

Madylin_Sweeten: Some of my friends treat me like I'm a star and some treat me like I'm normal, which I would rather have.

MODERATOR: cc cutie would like to know...

MODMSG cc cutie: What do you like most about being on the show? :)

Madylin_Sweeten: I like to pretend...

Madylin_Sweeten: Like one time we were doing an opening we don't have any more and I got to pretend I was flying.

MODERATOR: Madylin, I have a question!! Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween yet? :)

Madylin_Sweeten: We haven't decided yet, but we think Goldilocks and The Three Bears...

Madylin_Sweeten: because I have two brothers and one little sister.

Madylin_Sweeten: We go to a place called "Dream Halloween" for kids who have AIDS...

Madylin_Sweeten: and then we go trick or treating.

nickyapper: Madylin Sweeten, also known as Ally from "Everybody Loves Raymond," is here chatting LIVE! Send us your questions!

MODERATOR: fun chick would love to know the background of how you got your part!

MODMSG fun chick: How did you get the role of Ally?

Madylin_Sweeten: I was auditioning for two pilots...

Madylin_Sweeten: and they kept calling me. And finally we had to decide to take one and we chose "Raymond."

MODERATOR: We have 5 more minutes so send in your questions now!! :)

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm pretty glad we did because the other one didn't come out.

nickyapper: Good choice!

MODERATOR: surfdude has one for ya!

MODMSG surfdude24: Do you have a favorite game or computer game?

Madylin_Sweeten: I like my Gameboy.

Madylin_Sweeten: I like fourth grade Clue Finders.

MODERATOR: grlfrnd12 loves geography!

MODMSG grlfrnd12: Hi! I love your show. I have one important question: What town are you from, Madylin?

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm from a town in central Texas.

MODERATOR: nightowl has a fantastic bird name! and a great question too :)

MODMSG nightowl: Do you think you still want to be an actress when you grow up or do you want to be something else?

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm thinking about being a singer when I grow up and an actress.

MODERATOR: slugbug has a current events question!

MODMSG slugbug200: Have you been watching the Olympics lately??? What's your fave sport in the Olympics??? Mine is gymnastics!!!!

Madylin_Sweeten: I like the girls' gymnastics a lot too, slugbug, in the Olympics.

Madylin_Sweeten: I watched the gymnastics with my Dad.

MODERATOR: Our last question of the night is from the mailbag at :)

MODMSG nickmare: Do people recognize you in the street?

nickyapper: I would recognize you!

Madylin_Sweeten: Once in a while, sometimes, but there's not too many people.

MODERATOR: Madylin it was great having you here to chat with us!! Is there anything you want to tell us about your upcoming plans? And we sure hope you come back again!

Madylin_Sweeten: I'm sorry I was late! I appreciate everyone waiting.

Madylin_Sweeten: Please keep watching my show.

MODERATOR: It was worth the wait!! You are soooo gracious!

Madylin_Sweeten: Goodbye everybody!

MODERATOR: Night Madylin!!

nickyapper: Goodbye!

MODERATOR: See y'all tomorrow, September 21 at 8:30 PM (ET) to chat LIVE with animal expert—Jack Hanna!

MODERATOR: We're going to be chatting every Monday through Thursday at 8:30 PM (ET) for the entire month of September!! It's the "September Chat-a-thon on!" So keep clicking back to BLAB!!

nickyapper: Jack Hanna!

MODERATOR: Yep Yapper!! The nature man himself!

nickyapper: He's cool!

nickyapper: He's "oh so natural" you know?

MODERATOR: Oh Yapper! You sure keep me laughing!!

MODERATOR: Night everyone!! :::passing out milk and cookies to everyone on their way out::::

MODERATOR: Don't forget to come back tomorrow!

nickyapper: See you tomorrow!

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