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Learn To Ride A Skateboard (2007) (Portion of the back of the DVD)

April 7, 2008 - Madylin, Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten are the students in a new instructional skateboarding video called Learn To Ride A Skateboard. This full length DVD is free. Here is an excerpt from the description:

Filmed entirely in California and independently produced by Eric Muss-Barnes, a longtime skateboarder and artist, Learn To Ride A Skateboard is a new skateboarding instructional DVD which showcases the teaching talents of professional skateboarder Holly Lyons - ranked the #1 Female Bowl Skateboarder in the World according to her standings in the 2006 World Cup Skateboarding....

...Another first in instructional skateboarding videos is showing actual students learning tricks as the instructors teach them. The students in Learn To Ride A Skateboard, ranging in age from 12 to 15, are Madylin, Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten, the real-life siblings from the hit sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. Having no experience as skateboarders, we see the Sweeten kids being taught by Lyons and Muss-Barnes as they help the children develop their techniques....

"On-Air with Ryan Seacrest"
August 4, 2004
Dreamed of being a Hollywood star? Ever wonder what it's like growing up under the spot light? We've got some of Hollywood's biggest young stars in studio. "Jersey Girl's" Raquel Castro and "The Tracy Morgan Show's" Bobbe J Thompson are here. Plus, they play Ray Romano's kids on "Everybody Loves Raymond." Madylin, Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten join Ryan in studio. And, former child star, Danny Bonaduce stops by. He's got some advice for Hollywood's next genereation of super stars. You won't want to miss these Hollywood kids on today's "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest."

"Living it Up! with Ali & Jack"
March 04, 2004
Mike O' Malley, Madylin Sweeten. Richard Hatch, Did Gluck.

"FOX & Friends"
February 02, 2004
We’ll be joined by our very special guest, first lady Laura Bush.  Evan Kohlmann, Ed McMullen, and Alan Colmes offer their insights.  And, meet the three young stars of "Everybody Loves Raymond," Madylin, Saywer and Sullivan Sweeten.

"Sidewalks Entertainment" webclip"Sidewalks Entertainment"
December 19, 2003
Host Cindy Rhodes interviews guests Madylin Sweeten, Kyan Douglas and Melana and Jason of NBC's "Average Joe". Music by Ashanti and Stephanie Urbina Jones.
From Sidewalks
Headlining both national and regional acts, the award-winning series, "Sidewalks Entertainment Television", is a weekly talk / music / variety TV series, currently being seen on several cable stations in the San Francisco Bay Area market.
Madylin Sweeten (2003)
Interviewed by: Cindy Rhodes Special Thanks to: Celebrities Plus, Inc., CBS/King World/Worldwide Pants, Liv Davick Publicity and Promotions
In an interview taped before Christmas 2003, the young actress, who plays daughter Ally Barone, talks about being a part of the hit CBS sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond and what it's like to work with the talented cast and her real-life brothers. She also tells host Cindy Rhodes what she plans for her future career.

"Living it Up! with Ali & Jack"
October 30, 2003
Madylin, Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten, Paula Zahn.

The View"The View"
October 29, 2003 -- ABC.
Madylin, Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten, Portia De Rossi
, Norm Macdonald

"Hollywood Squares"
Week of December 24, 2001
Young Stars Week
Guest Stars: Mackenzie Rosman, Madylin Sweeten, Alex D. Linz, Mae Whitman, Brie Larson, Charlotte Church, Whoopi Goldberg, Lil' Romeo, Erik Per Sullivan, Billy Gilman, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Jake Burbage

"Hollywood Unleashed"

Nick Chat
September 20, 2000

"The Martin Short Show"
October 13, 1999
Carl Reiner, Jan Hooks, Madylin Sweeten

"The Rosie O'Donnell Show"
June 1, 1999
Elizabeth Dole, Madylin Sweeten, Harry Connick, Jr., Annie Get Your Gun
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