1996 TV Movie
105 minutes

Directed by
Jerry London

Written by
Scott Swanton

A Promise to Carolyn

Thirty seven years after the death of their baby sister, two sisters find proof that their abusive stepmother was the murderer. Coping with repressed memories and family pressures, the sisters look to have the woman convicted.

Debra Delta Burke
Kay Swoosie Kurtz
Woody Steve Shearer
Randy Goodson Lawrence Monoson
Young Jolene Morgana Shaw
Timmy David Denney
Aunt Letty Melanie Haynes
Young Debra Madylin Sweeten
Young Kay Alexa Vega
Carolyn   Allison & Jessica Ritter
Young Francie Liz Piazza Kelly 
Young Butch Tim Simek
Doctor John Davies
Travis Colton Casey Biggs
Colleen Parker Shirley Knight
Francie Harper Grace Zabriskie
Travis Colton Casey Biggs
Butch Bill McKinney
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