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American Profile
From May 11-17, 2003
(American Profile is a weekly, four-color magazine that celebrates hometown American life.)

Are Madylin Sweeten of Everybody Loves Raymond and Jody Sweetin from Full House sisters? Are the twins Michael and Geoffrey from Everybody Loves Raymond their brothers? —D.J., Wyoming

The young girl who plays Ally Barone on the popular sitcom is not related to Jody from Full House. She is, however, the real-life big sister to twins Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten, who play her twin brothers on Raymond. All three of the Sweeten kids, who were born in Brownwood, Texas (pop. 19,256), have been on the show since the second episode. Interestingly, the first episode featured a different trio of siblings—older sister and twin younger brothers. The twin boys were originally called Michael and Gregory Barone, but Gregory was renamed Geoffrey by the second episode. Eleven-year-old Madylin started acting when she was just 4, starring in a movie called A Promise to Carolyn. Sawyer and Sullivan started on Everybody Loves Raymond as babies and have grown up on the show—they are now 7 years old. “It’s really fun having my brothers on the show with me,” Madylin said recently, “because it makes me feel like we’re one big family.”

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